Safety is Our #1 Priority When Buying Houses During Quarantine

Health and safety are the most important things during this time but NOCO Invest wants you to know that selling your housing during quarantine is still an option.
We want to respect social distancing and self-isolation guidelines so we’ve adapted the way we do business to make sure we can still provide the highest level of service.
Virtual meetings. Photos. Online documents. We can help you during your time of need so you can move forward with your life once the Coronavirus pandemic is over.

How We’ve Updated Our Process to Buy Homes During the Quarantine

Our first step hasn’t changed. Just submit the form on this page or give us a call at 970-325-3265.
Next, we can still “take a tour” of your house and property. We just need you to provide us with as much detail as possible and you can just send us some photos of the property. Maybe we’ll even do a FaceTime, Zoom, or any other video conferencing program that works for you so we’ll still have the chance to meet face to face.
Based on what we see and other information we get from you, we’ll be able to make you a fair cash offer that makes sense for both you and us.
Technology makes it easy for us to complete the transaction even while practicing social distancing and while quarantined. 


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